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Cufflinks and family ties.

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Handmade in polymer clay, these wedding cufflinks are personalised for the Groom with his wedding date in Roman numerals.

Step 1: Plan it out on paper.  Making Roman Numerals in polymer clay involves a bit of thinking.  There were lots of lines nad cuts to make so I planned it all out first and took it very slowly so I didnt make mistakes.

Step 2: Make the cuts….you have to be brave, but one you start adding your black sheets to create your lines it gives you such a buzz.

Step 3: Make the colour blends for the ribbon design of the cufflink.  I used a maroon coloured clay and blended it with black and white by rolling i through my pasta machine, a tchnique known as a ‘Skinner blend’.

Step 4: Make a long strip of blended clay into a ‘blended stack’ by carefully folding it back and forth.

Step 5: Cut and recombine the blended stack to create a block that blends to white in the middle  and dark at the edges.

Step 6: Line the long edges with thin layers of white and black clay to give more definition and an illution of dimention to the final piece.

Step 7: Reduse the size of the Romal numeral blocks so that they fit snugly within the arranged ‘ribbon’ blocks.

Step 8: When your blocks are all the right sizes and positioned correctly, gently squeeze the square cane to confirm the pattern.

Step 9: I wrapped the cane in a thin sheet of black to give a smarter look, then reduce to cufflink size whilst taking care to maintain the srqight edges and square corners.

Step 10: Slice, bake, sand and buff.  Then use Epoxy glue to fix the silver plated cufflink backs in place and allow to se for at least 48 hours.

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