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Taking stock

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Self Raising flower workbench

Sorting out my jewellery stock.

I had a minor panic the last time I was putting together an online order when I couldn’t find the right pair of earrings straight away.  They were there, just well hidden and it made me realise that I really need to get organised if I stand a chance of being able to run a small business on my own.  I’ve made a good start, printed off the inventory list from both my Self Raising Flower online stores (on and on Facebook) and have started to check off stock items and re-home them into labelled boxes.  If I can get my stock in order it should be a pretty slick operation the next time I get an online sale.

And when I’ve organised the online stock I’m going to turn my attention to the boxes of stock that I have saved for my market stalls.  I’m hoping that if I get chance to make some new pieces of jewellery before Christmas then some of the new stock can come to the markets with me and some of the summer market stock can be listed online to freshen up the online stores a bit…..juts have to find time to do the photography.  Never enough hours!



Writing my Christmas list

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  • Get brain in gear…….find a pen.
  • Look at craft fair opportunities in Birmingham
  • Plan other sale events e.g. my workplace, jewellery party with friends, online sales
  • Check through existing stock, allocate to market/sales/online stock
  • Complete all jewellery projects already in progress
  • Work on new jewellery designs for Christmas
  • Think about new products
  • Order supplies and materials early
  • Look at diary and schedule workbench sessions
  • All systems go!

Lovely Jubilee!!

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Me on my craft stall

Ready to welcome my first customer to Celebrate Creativity Craft Fair at The Waterhall in Birmingham

It took a lot of preparation to get ready for this fabulous Jubilee event, it was such a big opportunity I really felt the pressure to perform.  But all that stress really paid off, my stall looked great, we had a fabulous day, the crowds were friendly, good footfall at the stall and a fair few sales. There were busy times which fill you with excitement and slow times which made us doubt the whole thing, but I’ve found that’s always the way with craft fairs.  I struggle to be organised enough to keep track of sales on the day so counting up the pennies afterwards is always fun.  I took over £100 so I’m really happy with that.  I’ll be donating some of my profit as usual to my chosen charity.  And spurred on by this successful happy day…..I’ve booked another stall at an upcoming event.


An olive branch

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3 days left to prepare for craft fair………had a crisis 4 days ago when I discovered my last batch of jewellery glueing had gone wrong and all my pieces fell apart.  I think it was because the weather is so warm at the moment that the glue dried too quickly and became brittle.  So I had to sand the backs down and start again, this time on a ticking time limit…out in the cool evening garden to slow the setting time but before the sun went down so I could still see what I was doing!!

The rest of my prep has been going ok, labels and signs done, stock organised, float money collected……just need to iron my table cloth.

My dad gave me an old bare olive tree stump……I’m going to hang my necklaces off it on my stall…….it looks really cool and has spurred me on a bit.

Can’t help feeling I’ve forgotten something though.

Time will tell.

Craft fair countdown

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Less than 2 weeks to go til the big event.  haven’t done a stall since before Christmas, and not a public market for almost 18 months so feeling nervous and anxious.  I have enough stock, I think, last batch of cufflinks were baked today, will be doing a big glueing session over next few days so they have time to set.  Need to do a big organise of stock so it’s easy to set up on the day, also need to think about props for stall display.  My dad has a couple of old olive tree branches that I feel like I should use but not sure how best to use them.  Also need to finalize prices and labels, get kitty cash and decide what to wear….especially which jewellery to fashion on the day.


When inspiration is a distraction

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So there’s only 17 days left until my big Jubilee craft stall….and I have such a big list of things to do to get ready, not least of all being to make some more stock so there is a mild sense of time running out that is starting to stress me out.  And yet for some reason my creative brain decided now was a great time to discover the world of cross stitch…..the endless possibilities, the ideas of projects I’d like to try, magazines, websites, kits and threads.  I don’t like to limit my brain when the tangent it’s decided to take off one that it fun and creative but why oh why did it come along now? I can’t really afford to become distracted with less than 3 weeks to go before the big fair but for the last 2 nights I’ve found myself on the sofa stitching with a pile of earring components sitting neglected beside me.  Maybe I’m waiting for the panic to hit me.

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