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Bring it on

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The Christmas stress begins…….only 4 weeks until my first of two christmas jewellery stalls.  Lots to do, no time to talk!!

I’ve got two days off work this week to dedicate to jewellery prep so no time to waste…..hopefully I’ll have good things to report by the end of the week.



Taking stock

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Self Raising flower workbench

Sorting out my jewellery stock.

I had a minor panic the last time I was putting together an online order when I couldn’t find the right pair of earrings straight away.  They were there, just well hidden and it made me realise that I really need to get organised if I stand a chance of being able to run a small business on my own.  I’ve made a good start, printed off the inventory list from both my Self Raising Flower online stores (on and on Facebook) and have started to check off stock items and re-home them into labelled boxes.  If I can get my stock in order it should be a pretty slick operation the next time I get an online sale.

And when I’ve organised the online stock I’m going to turn my attention to the boxes of stock that I have saved for my market stalls.  I’m hoping that if I get chance to make some new pieces of jewellery before Christmas then some of the new stock can come to the markets with me and some of the summer market stock can be listed online to freshen up the online stores a bit…..juts have to find time to do the photography.  Never enough hours!


I’ve gone international.

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I’ve seen a bit of a flurry on sales through my etsy shop recently, the last few weeks have been pretty busy with new customers from all over the UK but most exciting of all, my first overseas customer.  A fabulous pair of purple cufflinks is currently flying over to Canada.  I’m keen to know how long it will take for them to arrive with their new owner and I really hope I get some positive feedback from them.

Handmade polymer clay cufflinks

I’m pretty sure the advertising coupons I used on Facebook and Google are the reason why traffic on both my sites has increased so much so I really need to think carefully about my marketing budget once my freebies have run out!!


First Facebook sale!

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I’ve had my first sale through my new Facebook shop….admittedly it was someone I know who already showed an interest in my handmade jewellery when I posted photos to my fanpage. But it’s still a sale! Happy days, hoping for more.

Real life advertising.

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So, I’m finally getting round to using the free advertising coupons I got given when I renewed my business insurancethis year. So I now have an actual real life Google advert for my etsy store

I’m kind of excited to see if this is going to have any effect on hits and more importantly sales!

Also about to set up a Facebook ad to try and gather some new fans….also using a free coupon I got.

Fingers crossed everyone.

Cufflinks and family ties.

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Handmade in polymer clay, these wedding cufflinks are personalised for the Groom with his wedding date in Roman numerals.

Step 1: Plan it out on paper.  Making Roman Numerals in polymer clay involves a bit of thinking.  There were lots of lines nad cuts to make so I planned it all out first and took it very slowly so I didnt make mistakes.

Step 2: Make the cuts….you have to be brave, but one you start adding your black sheets to create your lines it gives you such a buzz.

Step 3: Make the colour blends for the ribbon design of the cufflink.  I used a maroon coloured clay and blended it with black and white by rolling i through my pasta machine, a tchnique known as a ‘Skinner blend’.

Step 4: Make a long strip of blended clay into a ‘blended stack’ by carefully folding it back and forth.

Step 5: Cut and recombine the blended stack to create a block that blends to white in the middle  and dark at the edges.

Step 6: Line the long edges with thin layers of white and black clay to give more definition and an illution of dimention to the final piece.

Step 7: Reduse the size of the Romal numeral blocks so that they fit snugly within the arranged ‘ribbon’ blocks.

Step 8: When your blocks are all the right sizes and positioned correctly, gently squeeze the square cane to confirm the pattern.

Step 9: I wrapped the cane in a thin sheet of black to give a smarter look, then reduce to cufflink size whilst taking care to maintain the srqight edges and square corners.

Step 10: Slice, bake, sand and buff.  Then use Epoxy glue to fix the silver plated cufflink backs in place and allow to se for at least 48 hours.

comMission Complete.

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So here we are, finally I can reveal the finished commission pieces I’ve been working on day and night for 5 weeks.  My cousin Hattie asked me to make three unique gifts for her bridesmaids……of course I was happy to do so.  But when she also asked for cufflinks for the groom, it became a whole different ball […]

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